MacBook poll results

Thanks to everyone who voted in my little poll a couple of posts back about the clickable trackpads on MacBooks. Here are the results:


I'm surprised there are so many "not sure," but maybe this just means that I didn't phrase the question well. The other thing I take away from this is that you like it but you aren't absolutely crazy about it — 50% is pretty low. (And of course it should go without saying that this isn't anything like a scientific poll — I just wanted to get an idea of what people think.)

It will be interesting to see how clickable touchpads fare in the long term. If you've read the tech blogs you know they're coming to some Windows PCs as well (see Gizmodo). I've written before about the potential of "three-state" touch input — how it could make things like dragging easier as well as offering more types of input by distinguishing taps from clicks. People are very accustomed to the way things work now, however, on touchpads with separate buttons.

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