Conference Phone Concept from Kicker Studio

Kicker Studio has a nice write-up of their design process in creating a new phone concept for conference calls: Product Concept: Touchscreen Conference Phone.

The system has some nice innovations, like the little slide-out microphone pods
with accelerometers. Each person gets a pod so the system knows who's
speaking and people can adjust microphone volumes independently. To "raise
your hand" you shake your pod.

Here's the feature list, but you should go read the full article for the description of their user research and design process.

The Kicker Conference Phone combines the humanity of in-person meetings with the convenience of efficient technology. Features:

  • Synchronizes with calendars and contacts for one-tap dialing
  • Quickly see who’s talking on a call and who wants to speak
  • "Hand Raising" to indicate a desire to speak
  • "Poking" to nudge other callers
  • Recording and marking of calls
  • Multi-line dialing
  • Adjusting individual lines for the best overall conference call quality
  • Comes in four different colors (silver, red, orange, and green)


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