KidiDoodle touch tablets for kids

I'm not a fan of kids' toys designed to look like grown-ups' gadgets (e.g. kiddie cell phones, laptops, and ATMs), but I may have to make an exception here. The KidiDoodle is a mini drawing tablet and screen. Even cooler, they come two-to-a-package and they communicate with each other via IR, so you can "email" your drawing to your buddy.

I read about this in an EETimes article that describes their innards in detail (based on resistive touchpad technology): VTech's KidiDoodle: Touch-pad Technology Meets Child's Play.

VTech has them on sale for $20 (+5 for shipping). Amazon has them for $30 (free shipping).

I ordered a set for my nephews… unless I decide to keep them for, uh, research purposes.


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