UnMousePad thin multitouch surface prototype

At the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit, Ken Perlin and Ilya Rosenberg of NYU are demonstrating a touch technology they call “UnMousePad.” Description from Microsoft Research:

Ilya Rosenberg and Ken Perlin present the UnMousePad, a paper thin, flexible multi-touch device about size of a mouse pad. The UnMousePad not only continuously detects a multitude of touches, it also senses varying levels of pressure at a resolution high enough to distinguish multiple fingertips and even the tip of a pen or pencil. Because of its form-factor, it can be used for simple mouse input, for multi-touch gestures, or for a wide variety of interactive applications, such as games, 3D sculpting, 6DOF object manipulation, musical instruments, and interactive control of synthesized human voice.

Link: Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2008.

Gizmodo has video: Microsoft UnMouse Pad Prototype is Paper Thin, Pressure Sensitive, Multitouch on Steroids.

See also this Seattle Post Intelligencer story: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s research!

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