Touch cube points to future toys (BBC)

You’ve probably already seen this on YouTube… The "Fentix Cube" by Andrew Fentem.  From the BBC:

A small plastic cube with playful lights, it could be
mistaken for a mass market throwaway toy manufactured by the million in
the Far East.

But the colourful exterior masks a combination of
innovative technologies that have propelled Apple’s iPhone and
Nintendo’s Wii to huge success this year.

The cube contains a large battery, an array of LEDs and
crucially three accelerometers which can detect the pitch and yaw of
the device, and sensors on the inside surface for touch control.

Mr Fentem says: "You instinctively know how to use it.
The way you understand the world as a young child is through physical
and spatial awareness, up or down. It’s how you learn and communicate."

Link: Touch cube points to future toys (BBC).

The cube is not for sale yet, but he hopes to have it available by next Christmas.  See also

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